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If you want your child in a happy, nurturing, and supportive environment that will stimulate your child’s needs and unique challenges, surrounded by caring and supportive teachers, you should get to know Momentum Montessori.

Momentum Montessori at a Glance
⭐ Unique Delivery of Three Educational Philosophies
⭐ Safe, Happy & Nurturing Environment
⭐ Focus on Social Fundamentals
⭐ ​Flexibility in Accommodating Parents’ Needs
⭐​ Daily Catered Healthy Meals

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Openings for children 18 months to 6 years old

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Momentum Montessori

Momentum Montessori is a preparatory school for families who wish to give their child the best opportunity to excel in a successful education journey. We offer a unique hybrid program that pulls the best from the Ontario Ministry of Education’s emergent curriculum (ELECT) as well as the Montessori and Reggio Emilia Approach.

We value diversity, music, language, and physical, outdoor learning in early childhood education. We treat each child as an individual with unique interests, culture, capabilities and aspirations. Through exploration and discovery, our program encourages self worth and self confidence with a holistic learning approach.

“Imagine a place where your child is in a clean, happy and nurturing environment, stimulated by a variety of activities and accommodated with the right level of education, while feeling safe– and surrounded by qualified, caring and supportive teachers.”

Our Mission

At Momentum, we’re committed to providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment where children can develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. That’s why we offer something different– the very best aspects of respected early childhood education philosophies including the Reggio Emilia approach and the Maria Montessori method, all while following and focusing on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Emergent Curriculum.

Combining aspects from each of these approaches is a formula that prepares our students to not only succeed, but to excel in their education journey.


Where To Find Us

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Hear it from our parents!

“Choosing Momentum is one of the best decisions we made for our little girl! We saw her transition from a toddler to a happy active, independent and social preschooler. The wonderful teachers trailer their approach to suit each child’s temperament and needs, and each child receives ample attention to progress at their own speed.”

Brenda Y.


“The kids love it here! The playful murals are incredible – I wish I had a school like this when I was a child! You can see the staff truly cares and takes pride in what they offer and their programs are so unique to anything else I’ve seen in the Toronto area!”

Kim Jo-Anne


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